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search engine optimisation

Search engine marketing is the key to success and growing your business. It's all about making you stand out from the crowd.....It's no good looking fantastic if nobody sees you. We'll put you centre stage ensuring you are the star attraction.

exlpore search engine optimisation

Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC is where you pay a fee to the search engines every time someone clicks on your advert. The amount you pay and the visibility of your advert is determined by a number of factors and understanding these is the secret to a successful campaign.

exlpore Pay Per Click Marketing

social media marketing

Remember the 'soap box' and 'speakers corner'? Social media is not about technology, it's about talking! Have you got lots to shout about? We'll put you at the heart of your virtual community so you can tell your story.

exlpore social media marketing

conversion optimisation

Everything is looking good. Your website is great, lots of customers are browsing. It's now about 'making the tills ring'. Supermarkets know how to do it......so do we. CRO (Conversion rate optimisation) improves the return from those people browsing your site.

You may have an online shop or you may want to generate enquiries or requests for information from prospective customers, whatever your business needs we will work to help make your online presence really work for you. Just having a website isn’t good enough any more, it needs to be working to help build your business & with the Tekfirst team behind you we will achieve great things.

exlpore conversion optimisation

website audit

Many people believe that in having a website is enough to support and sustain an online presence however just having a website is only the tip of the iceberg!

Many clients as us to carry out audits on their website to find out whether it is working effectively. How do your visitors react when they land on the site?

Is the site structure search engine friendly, when someone searches for the goods and services you provide do you appear prominently in the search results?

exlpore website audit


The best sports stars and teams in the world all have coaches, no matter how good they are they constantly strive to work “on their business” in order to keep ahead of the chasing pack !

With your specialist team at Tekfirst in your corner we can help you get the best out of your business’s online presence, in many cases enabling you to compete with much larger competitors with much bigger budgets!

Let our specialists coach you and your team ensuring you deliver world class results.

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