If you have a project idea

Under the hammer…. Going once

You often hear people say “oh I run my own PPC campaign” but are they really getting the maximum out of it, have they set a realistic budget for the “auction”. One of the skills is setting the various budgets to maximise the visibility but minimise the cost.

Rocking around the clock

The adverts can actually be switched on and off to meet the realistic habits of your potential customers, is there rea value in having the adverts displaying 24 hrs a day when 98% of relevant traffic is from 0700 – 1930 hrs ?

The higher the score - the lower the costs

It is a little known fact that when you create adverts in Google adwords each ad is rated by Google against a number of factors such as relevance, speed the ad responds and how clear & useful Google perceives the advert to be. The higher your quality score the lower you get charged for the adverts when people click on them