If you have a project idea

Laying out the ground rules

Getting to grips with what is important for your website, what your priorities are and ultimately what objectives you have is a great starting place. Before you can seek to tune your spend for maximum return its imperative to look at what you already know. Where are things going wrong, what works and what doesn’t. We can help you see your business from your customer’s perspective, where do your customers come from, what are the visitor types and intentions when visiting your site. Are the problems and objections obvious and how well are your landing pages optimised? We can help with these any many more questions to start to build a structured model for getting the best out of your online marketing.

Testing out the competition

In order to establish what you are up against and then verify your findings, you will need to do some testing. How do your competitors win business and influence customers, how is traffic being funnelled through your website, where are the dead ends and block up routes? By analysing data, looking at consumer behaviour and using A/B multivariate testing amongst many other tools you can establish a baseline from which to observe response to changes within the site.

Measuring tools and winning business

Once all the data gathering and testing has been carried out we can then utilise our tools to measure the improvements in conversion.

Our teams approach projects with a very commercial perspective, we are constantly looking at the return on investment and monitoring visitor activity on the site to establish if there are small changes that may make the user journey that bit better, in cases where this happens there is always a positive increase in the conversion rates.

It’s about making the user journey easy and simple – easier said than done but we have a track record of delivering brilliant results.