If you have a project idea

Manage your website quickly and effectively with a CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) is something most organisations, big or small, can use to run their websites.

This saves time and money, as the alternative is to hire a web designer every time you need to add a page or even change a comma.

Our bespoke CMS can be used or we may choose one that is best suited to the project,

What does a CMS do exactly?

The first thing to understand about Content Management Systems is "what is content?" In internet terms, it means the pages of text, images, or other media that inhabit your website or apps. Content should be updated frequently to keep interest in your organisation fresh, so you need a method of doing so – without having to learn how to hand-code a web page and upload it!

A CMS usually sits online, accessed by a login page, and allows users to update a website without needing expensive specialist software, or understanding lots of code. Once it's installed and configured, a CMS is remarkably low-maintenance.


Apart from adding handy information to your site for your customers, you can also use a CMS to administer online enquiries, run an eCommerce shop, study visitor numbers, and many more useful features.

The amount of features depend on the make, but most will have the core functionality of creating and managing pages on your website, uploading pictures, and changing templates (i.e. the look and feel).

You should consider comparing the following features for any CMS:

  • What size of organisation is it aimed at?
  • What are its levels of security?
  • How much choice in appearance do you get?
  • Is it more lightweight or powerful?

When bringing a CMS into your organisation, you need to understand how the technology, platform, functionality, and security will affect how well it performs for your business.

A CMS can range in functionality from the simple such as single user's personal blog, to bespoke software that publishes harmonised content across international franchise. Given this potential scope, finding the CMS that's right for your organisation requires some analysis.

That's where Tekfirst comes in. Sit down for an initial chat to find out how our experienced team can help you craft the CMS selection to your needs