If you have a project idea

why choose bespoke software

Bespoke software solutions are designed with our specific client requirements in mind. To separate yourself from the masses it is often necessary to follow your own plans and execution. Many off the shelf software packages are just a one size fits all. If your business needs a unique solution to help manage its internal processes or to help it grow we can get under the skin of your business and really make a difference helping you save money, time and growth.

How we approach the project

Using our expertise and proven delivery methodologies we first produce a technical specification document following a briefing and build a function application to address your business needs. With our highly skilled team and range of development experience we have the flexibility to work our solutions into your existing business model or create new methods where needed. Our development and QA teams have a wealth of experience in producing well structured, effective, and innovative applications that will last into the future.

What we have done so far

We currently work with a range of clients of small, medium and enterprise proportion. Our services extend throughout the UK and Europe and our comprehensive solutions include

Software analysis and design

Software architecture design

Software/Product development

Application integration and migration

Quality assurance and testing

Maintenance and support

Documentation and system manuals

All our solutions are delivered using the latest development technologies including Microsoft .Net and open source languages.